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What I worked on:
User Flow Journey
Visual Design

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What I worked on:
User Flow Journey
User testing
Visual Design

The Bunker Gym Website


The Bunker is a standalone boutique gym under the ownership of Fitness Playground. Established in 2018, the gym is based in Surry Hills, Sydney. Its world-class gym equipment along with a shiny fit-out makes The Bunker a must-go-to for all adrenaline gym junkies focused on performance.

My role

I was involved with leading and setting the design standard for the website.

The challenge

  1. Design and build a website: To inform users of The Bunker gym service offerings which included; personal training, classes and gym membership.
  2. To drive leads.
  3. To be SEO friendly.
  4. To make the user feel the same energy as if they were entering the physical gym.

Who’s it for?

The health-conscious gym junkie that cares about performance.

The outcome

A desktop and a mobile-friendly website informing users services offered at the gym and driving leads

The process

Designing for the user

“70% of users access
the website
via mobile” 

Source: Data gathered from their parent site The Fitness Playground, with similar customer types.

“Users spend an average
of 135 minutes on social media
every day”

Source: Using 2017 statistics, Average Time Spent Daily on Social Media  

“On every page, the website
should allow users to sign up for a free trial easily”

Source: Data gathered from their parent site The Fitness Playground, with similar customer types.

Meet John
  • 33 yrs old, Investment banker  
  • Lives in Surry Hills with his partner Billy and dog Patsi. 
  • Gym junkie 
  • Advanced gym goer 
  • Health-conscious 
  • Cares about his appearance; likes to look smart 
  • In his free time, he loves to spend time on social media 
  • Tech-Savvy 
John's frustrations are: 
  • John’s current gym is always busy 

  • Has different levels of gym goers

John needs:
  • A gym that is performance focused 
  • Has good vibes 
  • To train with like-minded people

User Flow Journey



Website Wireframe


Visual Design 

The website was designed with the priority placed on mobile responsive and user-friendliness – a large percentage of their current members visit their website on their phones. The user experience I pushed was similar to Instagram—continued scrolling to increase engagement. I populated the site with high impact imagery to inspire users to sign up to the gym.

The content was strategically placed to give people ‘a reason to purchase’. It’s easy to assume our users only wanted to see images of fit people working out but, with the insights we had, we included a short intro video, images of the new facilities and trainer profiles. 

The aesthetics for the website to reflect the brand had to be;


Homepage Design



  • After the launch of the website, we used heat mapping to understand how users were interacting with the website. We noticed our users were signing up less on the desktop version. We discovered they often weren’t seeing the call to action and sign-up form which is linear instead of the usual portrait form most users are used to seeing. Changes have been made to the 'Try us" page to reflect our findings.
  • The website was a great challenge! Managing the design system and making sure the team maintained the same standard I had set was an ongoing challenge.
Client: Justin Ashley & Serra Burmin
Creative direction: Alice Lo
Graphic Design: Alice Lo & Suharyanto Putra
Developer: Andy McLennan
Copywriting: Justin Ashley, Hannah Ghaus & Joh Parsons
Photography: Tina G Lee

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