For this project, the client, Ishak, approached me to create the packaging for his new business venture; Vive. Their product, energy snack bars, were to be produced in 4 flavours and to be high in protein, dairy-free, soy-free, with no refined sugar and vegan friendly.

Ishak requested the brand and packaging be authentic, earthy and unique. A bar that would stand out from competitors.

I developed hand-rendered lettering (with forms inspired by Helvetica) to use in the logo and packaging. This created a fun and natural look since their bars were 100% natural.


The brand and bars were launched in 2016. The healthy snack bars are also sold on and are shipped internationally.


Client – Ishak Valimohamed 
Brand Visual Identity – Alice Lo
Graphic Design – Alice Lo
Art Direction – Alice Lo
Photography –  Tina G Lee
Photo retouching  –  Adrian Dharma
Food styling – Maggie Lo

Client: Ishak Valimohamed 
Brand Visual Identity:
Alice Lo
Graphic Design: Alice Lo
Art Direction: Alice Lo
Photography: Tina G Lee
Photo retouching: Adrian Dharma
Food styling: Maggie Lo

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