I’ve signed up to the UX course at Academy Xi to better my knowledge in UX. I will be attending a class every Saturday for the next 2.5 months. Every week I’ll share my experience with you — Read only if you're as curious as I am! 

1 hour before I start my UX course at Academy Xi I decided to write down my thoughts... I want to document my experience… more so my thought process as I’m keen to see what I think UX is and how it differs to my current practices as a graphic designer. So I’ll be documented my learnings every week.

Here is a list of questions I had asked myself before entering the class that morning:

What is UX?
UX stands for user experience. Designing a seamless experience for a user to be had whilst interacting with a digital device.

Why have I chosen to do this course?
I guess it’s been on my radar for a while. I keep thinking back to the 80s when the first Macintosh was introduced and how graphic designers that were reluctant to learn how to use a Mac were left behind.

Although I don’t think UX is a change in technology it’s more awareness to a design thinking process. I don’t want to miss the boat on this growing trend either! #FOMO!

What interests me the most about the UX is the process it adopts. I studied graphic design for more than 10 years ago. The term UX design didn’t exist in my world… or perhaps it did but no one ever emphasised its importance. So my learnings of a design process are different. See my diagram below. This was what I was taught:

Illustrations by Jade Mitchell 

But this is what I understand the design thinking process to be:

Standford University model 

I think it's easy to make an assumption at first glance that the two models are similar and its a matter of semantics. However, I think the design thinking process is more detailed and finessed. Please feel free to share your thoughts on what you think the biggest difference is between the two models are. 

Next week I'll cover more of my learnings from my first day.

Thanks for reading!