Hi reader, this page serves as a place where I'll write about current projects I'm working on right now.

Work In Progress

June 2020

I've learnt a lot in the last few months. A pandemic has taught me that we have to remain agile and be quick to change and adapt to changes. 

Some exciting projects are on the horizon! 

Fitness Playground Rebrand
I'm currently leading the Fitness Playground's new look and feel. This primarily involves the design and build of a new website as well as art directing the content that will be used on their digital platforms. I'm enjoying the variety of work as I switch from being on a shoot and being behind a computer for some solid design work! 

Mobile App Design
I'll currently in the research stage for a side project with my husband, Andrew. We plan to design and build a mobile app as it's an area we'd both like to explore. Watch this space! 

I invite you to view our project scope here. If you have a pet dog then I invite you to partake in this survey. Thank you in advance. 


April 2020
One Coach – I've teamed up with the good folks at Fitness Playground again to create a new digital product. We're really excited about this product. I'll be joining the team as a lead product designer. The focus of the product will be connecting everyday people with health experts. Keep your eyes peeled. I'll be documenting this project!

VSP Solutions intranet – My partner Andrew has built an intranet for VSP Solutions. VSP solutions is a wholesale security products business. I'll be collaborating with Andrew to create a design system which will help create a better user experience for the VSP staff members. I'll also document this project and publishing updates here.

Loko - Is a side venture my business partner Mary and I have been developing. We want to offer start-ups beautifully designed logos at affordable prices. This project has been brewing since 2019 November in hopes it will launch soon.


Like a lot of designers, I like to collect lists of cool things. I've created a list of awesome design studios, foundries, designers to follow etc. Check it out here


Occasionally I share my thoughts on Medium. You can read it here... 

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